Why Should Your Gym Invest in a Functional Training Rig? - Rb Fitness Equipment
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Why Should Your Gym Invest in a Functional Training Rig?

Many people use the gym as a place to escape and work on themselves. While they are able to do this at any gym, it’s also important that they enjoy their exercise whilst having access to the right equipment. A functional training rig such as the Ascend Rig would certainly allow users to do exactly that, but this isn’t the only reason to invest in top-quality equipment.

In fact, there are many reasons why the Ascend Rig should be placed in your gym. We have put together a handy list to help you decide if it’s right for you.


The most important reason to invest in an Ascend Rig is because it’s completely multi-functional. It has attachments that can be used for various activities such as tricep dips and lateral pull-ups, negating the need for other similar equipment.

It’s also multi-purpose as more than one person can use it at a time. For instance, someone could be
using the monkey bars whilst another uses the jack-up. It’s an efficient piece of equipment that can
be used by different people in different ways.

Space Saving

The Ascend Rig boasts a number of special features for gym-goers to use, all rolled into one piece of equipment. Every individual piece is attached to the frame; the equipment can be moved into different positions to suit the user but it cannot be removed. Ultimately, this means that there is no need for duplicate machines that do the same job, allowing you to fill the additional space with different machines gym-goers will enjoy.

Increase Customer Base

As this equipment is multi-functional and space saving, it may also help to increase your customer base. You would have one piece of multi-purpose equipment while also having the room available for additional pieces of equipment. Gym-goers would have a wide variety of different equipment on offer and be able to use all the equipment they want in one place.

Each rig is also available in bespoke colours, allowing you to easily pick one that matches the theme of your gym. Although this may not seem particularly important, it could help to improve the overall look and create a nicer environment for both new and old clients alike.

Hopefully, it should now be clear just how useful this piece of equipment would be in your gym. Do
you think a functional training rig is well worth it yet? Don’t just think about the benefits from a
business point of view – instead, consider what your clients would like to use.

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