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The Benefits of Weight Lifting

We’ve all heard the benefits of regular exercise; a healthy heart, greater lung capacity and a fitter body. Exercise can extend our life expectancy and can even reduce the risk of major illnesses such as stroke, heart disease and cancer by up to 50%.

Weight lifting is an excellent type of exercise that can be done in several ways to work different muscle groups. From your shoulders down to your calves and combined with aerobic exercise, weight lifting targets loss of fat while maintaining muscle.

Rigorous exercise should only be carried out in a safe environment and the proper gym flooring is essential to ensure both you and your equipment are protected. We have a selection of endurance flooring available in tiles or rolls, with a variety of thicknesses and colours to suit your workout space. For free weight drops weighing between 2.5kg to 50kg, our Endurance Freeweight Tile is a suitable choice. On the other hand, our Endurance Rubber Impact Tile has been designed to offer suitable sub-floor and equipment protection against weight drops exceeding 50kg.

How Weight Lifting Keeps off the Fat

As we age, we lose muscle and research has shown that we can lose as much as 10% of our body’s total muscle between the ages of 30 to 50. More worrying is the likelihood of this lost muscle being replaced by fat. Fat takes up more space in the body, approximately 18% more space for every pound of fat compared to pound of muscle.

Weightlifting ensures that you aren’t just targeting fat but are also building muscle – this muscle growth makes you leaner and helps your clothes fit better. Muscle tissue has also been shown to burn more calories than fat tissue, offering a great boost to your metabolism.

Weight Lift to Build Bone Strength

Our skeletons are incredible – they keep us upright and supported and can even repair themselves when fractures and breaks occur. Like our cells, bones are made up of living tissue that is constantly changing; our entire adult skeleton is replaced every seven to ten years.

From the age of 35, bone growth starts to slow down with a greater loss of bone than can be replaced. If this loss of tissue is severe enough, the condition is known as osteoporosis, a weakening of bones that makes them more prone to damage from minor falls.

Weightlifting is a medically supported activity for reducing the natural rate of bone loss and can be easily carried out at home or during day-to-day activities.

Knowledge is power and teaching your gym attendees the importance of preparing their body for the symptoms of ageing can go a long way in promoting healthy living. If you would like any further information on preparing a weightlifting area or gym design, please contact us on 01733 639 300.

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