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Strength Training – The Secret to a Healthy Life in Old Age

Strength training is one of the most effective ways for gym attendees to build muscle and burn fat during exercise. Not only can it offer a balanced workout, but strength training has been shown to promote bone strength and density and slow down the loss of skeletal muscle. As we age, our bones naturally weaken. Combined with low activity levels and an unbalanced diet, this could lead to higher bone loss and possibly even osteoporosis.

Through monitored exercise, using equipment or gravity resistance via a functional training rig, strength training can help reduce this bone loss and promote freedom of movement in old age. It can reduce the risk of bone fractures in problem areas such as hips, wrists and the spine and provide better strength for supporting the body.

Utilising Strength Training

This kind of exercise doesn’t have to be all about lifting. Instead, it creates a resistance that the body must work against. You can utilise several pieces of equipment for all-around strength training including weighted wrist and ankle cuffs or weighted vests and resistance bands for arms and legs, in addition to free weights such as dumbbells and barbells. Conversely, functional training rigs create resistance through gravity, using the individual’s body weight to work the muscles.

One of the benefits of implementing strength training is the ease of progress. Weights can be added to gradually over time or the number of reps in a set can be increased. Considering the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all approach suitable for everyone, this makes it easier for busy trainers helping individuals over a set time period.

The Dangers of Bone Loss

Although it is a natural process of ageing, bone density loss can often be the most detrimental to our health as it can affect our core strength. This leads to an increase in falls which in turn leads to a higher risk of fractures or breaks. When we reach a certain age, these fractures and breaks can be difficult to fully recover from, leading to a degradation in quality of life.

Not only can strength training prevent this, but there is no restriction on how old an individual can be prior to starting. This makes it perfect for everyone – even younger people can benefit from light strength training!

Encourage strength training in your gym or studio with safe and proper equipment from barbells to a functional training rig. If you would like any advice on the types of rigs available, contact our team today on 01733 639 300.

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