Does Your Gym Offer an All-Round Fitness Experience? - Rb Fitness Equipment
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Does Your Gym Offer an All-Round Fitness Experience?

When it comes to fitness, there is no one exercise that beats all others. To achieve the highest of goals, we have to be able to train our body as a whole – if your gym does not offer the all-round experience that customers expect they will soon be looking elsewhere.

Equipment such as the CrossFit rig provides the physical and mental challenge that gym members are looking for. Variety is the spice of life and if your gym relies purely on treadmills and dumbbells, you are failing each and every one of your customers.

Why do Customers Cancel Gym Memberships?

The single biggest reason behind the cancellation of gym memberships is motivation. If people are not motivated to pack their kit and head out to train for an hour, they aren’t going to keep up with their membership. Gym-goers lose motivation very quickly if they fall into the trap of doing the exact same routine session after session.

Could this be because there simply isn’t enough variation in equipment within your gym, therefore chaining your members to the same routine? If so, then you might find that introducing new equipment offering flexibility to the user will help to reduce your membership drop-offs.

What Equipment Should My Gym Offer?

In order to cater for each of the four different types of exercise – cardio, strength, flexibility and balance – you need a variety of equipment in each section. With our Series 1 CrossFit Rig as a focal point on the gym floor, you will be offering your members the opportunity to change up their routine, keeping them motivated.

Our rigs can be used to train the entire body as well as the mind, challenging the user to compete against their greatest competitor – themselves. Manufactured using above industry standard stainless steel, our rigs are every bit as tough as your most dedicated members, ensuring that they remain standing for the duration.

Providing the Best Equipment Possible

At RB Fitness Equipment, we are extremely passionate about offering only the very best gym equipment possible. We believe that quality equipment ensures a quality workout, which is something that every gym should offer its members.

For more information about how we can help you revitalize your gym, increase customer retention and boost new membership numbers, please get in contact with our dedicated team today on 01733 639300 or email us at

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